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Yau Kung Moon is a southern Shaolin Kung Fu system which translates to a system of flexible power. Yau Kung Moon includes internal and external forms, 18 traditional weapons, and Chinese bone setting and herbal medicine. It was introduced to the public in 1924 by the first layman of the system, Great Grandmaster Ha Hon Hung. He spread the system throughout China establishing many schools within the Guangdong Province, training soldiers at the Chinese Military School in Guangzhou, China. After the Chinese Civil War, he settled in Hong Kong where he also established a school and passed the system on to his son, Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung. Currently the system is headed by Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung’s son, Master Ha Tak Kin.

Yau Kung Moon is now considered one on the best martial arts, liondance, and dragon dance organizations in the world with over several thousand members.
In the 1960’s, Yau Kung Moon was introduced to the U.S. by Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung’s disciples, Grandmaster Chan Jun Chuen, Grandmaster Wong Cheung, and Grandmaster Wan Tak Kee. They then passed the system to their disciples, Master Bill Lee, Master Lok Sang Lee,Master Michael Lau, and Master David Louie.

In 1975, they established the Yau Kung Moon Kung Fu Sport Association in the U.S. to promote and spread the Yau Kung Moon system. Since then Yau Kung Moon has competed and performed all over the U.S. as well as the world. They have competed and performed in places such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New York, Boston, Hawaii, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle to name a few. They have won over a hundred championships in full contact sparring, forms, and lion dancing. Since the establishment of this organization, Yau Kung Moon has annually participated in many fundraising events in the community. One of the major events for which they contribute their efforts is the annual Self-Help for the elderly fundraiser where Yau Kung Moon can be seen lion dancing through the streets in order to raise money for this non-profit organization. They have built a reputation as being one of the most respected martial arts and lion dance groups in the U.S.

In lion dancing, Yau Kung Moon is considered to be one of the pioneers of Northern and Southern lion dancing (Nam Si Buk Mo). They have set an exceptionally high standard for themselves in this area which is evident at their many routines, competitions and performances. Here is a brief list of some of their accomplishments over the years:

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