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Lion/Dragon Dancing

It is believed that Lion Dance brings good luck, good health and prosperity…

Yau Kung Moon has been providing our performance services for over 30 years and has traveled around the world to do its work. We have performed and competed in many Championships around the world. We can be seen at local or overseas competitions, in movies, “Bay Area Backroads,” the SF Chinese New Year Parade, or just performing at a Chinatown wedding/business opening in our signature gold uniforms. We offer these magical moments for you to add to your memories. Here is a short list of just some of our offerings:

Through our vast experience; we have gained knowledge, insight and paid attention to detail. We have done performances from the smallest family restaurant to one of the world’s largest corporations. We know what it takes to turn a good event into a great event.

For events such as business grand openings, we can provide one to three lions.

For weddings, we can perform with two lions to signify the harmonious union of two.

For larger events such as conventions, we can provide over 20 lions and a dragon or two plus kung fu demonstrations.

At your request, we can have our lion(s) perform on props like the 7ft – 16ft poles to really liven up your event. We will gladly work with you to customize a performance to meet your needs. Here is a list of some of our happy clients and the events that we have done:


San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade
sponsored by:
Starbucks headquarters: Seattle
Great America

Our world champion lion and dragon dancing is available for any kind of event.

Future Lion Dancers: For a truly enlightening and enriching experience please contact us to enroll. Classes are offered year round.
For more information please call 415.816.6557 or 415.986.8321
or email us at: